G-Rap Kush


Original Breeder: HBS Cru

Type: Indoor/Outdoor

Genetics: Sativa Dominate.

THC Level: 21-26%

Recommended veg. time seedlings: 7-8 weeks

Yield: 250-350 gr/m2

Leaf/Flower Ratio: Low

Indoor Flowering Time:

Outdoor/Greenhouse harvest time:


Fluffy, elongated flowers, typical of an Afghan background. Medium to heavy trichome density. Leaf coloration ranges from emerald green to light green. During early flowering, G-Rap Kush has an undeniably unique aroma of truffle duck liver pate. This aroma mellows significantly just prior to maturation and finishes with primary notes of citrus with black pepper undertones.

The Buzz

G-Rap Kush was designed to provide pain relief, without sacrificing clarity of thought. Its Afghani lineage is apparent in both its morphism and pain relieving properties. The undeniable cerebral effects, courtesy of its Sativa lineage, complement its Afghani roots nicely. The net effect is a well-balanced pain remedy that provides the user sufficient energy/motivation to be productive.

Grow Notes

This is a temperamental plant and is not suitable for novice growers. It is susceptible to nutrient toxicity/burn, light burn, and pests/insects. Nevertheless, once mastered, G-Rap Kush produces significant rewards. Despite having Sativa suggestive morphology, this plant will catch ample light from distant light sources.